T his software is free, but if you hand it over to someone else, please refer to this URL. If you copy it as a webmaster to offer the service, please put up a link to: Homepage for Light with that or another appropriate description, somewhere at your site, or leave theese instructions untouched.

   How to encrypt

C hoose a key sentence, which must be the identical for encryption and decryption for a certain piece of text. Paste in the text in the big window. If you want it to be formatted with bold, italics and underscored passages, please mark all passages according to the remarks first, before encryption. Choose a text block size. Smaller numbers will result in a less secure, but faster accomplished result. Click "code" and wait until the work is done. Copy the result from the big window to a document.

   How to decrypt

C opy an entire number block, which have been properly coded, and paste it into the big window. Write the appropriate key sentence which was used for encryption of that text message, and click "decode". If format markers are within the decrypted message, please click "format" to get the document in html.

   Kåre Andersson


<Rec: 100-5000    <Percent made   
<Only lower cases and blanks.
   @@...@@ = underscore    ##...## = bold    %%...%% = italics