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Perhaps, you wonder about my interests?

Why do I arrange a site like this and try to convince you to let yourself into these projects? Is the intention to blow my ego up or getting people to visit a single page on internet? No! Absolutely not! The answer is that I am a dedicated person with systematics as an interest. Systematics is what I want to think about and from this position of interest things can also be seen which are not in sight from anywhere else. People ask what all this has to do with their lifes from day to day? But! It is right there where the systematics has its place.

No compromises!

The same way that our present society is the result of a systematical strife with comfort as product there is also a more straight forward advancement in systematics, which do not make us believe that people have to be fooled into the system by tricks like concurrence, trend propaganda, and lavish consumtion. The earth quake in Kobe, Japan, was considered as stimulating for the economy there. The economists say that Norge will suffer a great amount of inflation because of their oil. It is just like printing out more money in a country. (This without claiming that oil is the FUTURE) We must consume ourselves out of the depression and so on. Isn't this politics? Let me tell you what politics is:

  1. The way that the human brains works
  2. The way that our body is constitued
  3. Will or potential will (What we want)
  4. Philosophic truth

Rather ask: What is happiness? What is joy and mental health?

If the subject is small politics or extensive politics doesn't matter. For a person who accept the points above it is just to start changing things with the beginning at yourself, your home and so on outwards, always from the core and out. Surely, the economy is an important circumstance for my or for your wellbeing, but first as an instrument to find metods for reaching what is given by higher priorities. To put up economy as a number one priority leads unavoidably to mental morass. So the single project which I do in fact encourage is this: Begin with yourself and change the world in the right direction. Systematics is the only tool availible, but also a VERY powerful one. You do not even have to be interested in systematics, if you are just believing in its potential. The only thing you really have to do is to think the statements over, decide which your strong sides are and move along.

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