But first!

Why is this concept something for you?


Let me first make clear what's going to happen if you are not grabbing the opportunety. Then, absolutely nothing will happen!!! The days will continue their incessant flow, one to another. You will see nothing of any project for experience (/perception). You will not be introduced with a circle of people who do resolutely categorizing and seeking availible systems to bring us into the only sufficient standard for this kinds of ranges, inside and out, and who have insight in the fact that consciousness is not a product of the brain, although there is a obvious relation. You will also further be embarassed by a spectrum of single question organisations where people want your economical involvement so that they are able to continue their hopeless fight in good causes. The day after, still everyting in focus of the worlds media and people will be budgets, the change of sex some pop star chosed to get through, and what kind of future that may be possible for human on March 50 years later in time.

  1. I have in several places read about how wonderful it would be if we were able to collect all the concepts of dedicated persons under one roof. People talks, but nobody does anything. The reason is that the task is not a small one, and it's not easy. If I beg you to do it - how do you carry it out? The only possible way to approach the problem is by using systematics.
  2. E good system has to be structured from the inside and out, thus from the human properties and out to all eventualities. Everything else is as a first point less effective, because it's us human beings everything concerns and must involve, secondly, it is selfdeception to muddle away our selves and only talk about money, technology, or science. It is selfdeception to talk about "the human factor" like if this was something bad. "The human factor" is really what everything should be builded around, but without games of words, without rising demands for people to be as accurate as computers where precise routines are planned. Then it's better with automatation in abundance. A solution which concerns only technologic aspects has a short lifetime, because the technology is changed from time to time. A lot of work has been wasted on the development of sailing ships and mechanic calculators. An idea which connects to the human nature can be everlasting.
  3. It's surprising with all those movements of engangement and idealism that seem to be stifled by the commersialism: the fight against cruelty against animals, the alternative science, the engagements in beautiful music styles of today, engagements in local culture, people against the kind of filthy behave that is promoted by the commersialism, and the right to gathering and meet with people around, also in cities at the streets. One can see that many old people are "celebrating" their last feast (h&uoml;gtid) alone and then are dying without others even noticing it. Neither the huge mental problems which a ordinary human is suffering from do really seem to be in focus. The reason is that none of this questions are well promoted one by one. But a system which in effeciency is outdoing the commersialism on the commersialistic areas can't be neglected.
  4. If you are a individual with ideas you have surely noticed that no one is listening to you, no matter how good your ideas are. 30- 40 years earlier there was some space for inventors and creators. Today, the predecessors for trade and industriy says that they don't want to see any idea which is not promoted by a contractor. Hence, it isn't enough to have an idea if you don't have a complete plan for how to sell it in addition. Such a system is rotten all through and already proven deficient because 95% of all ideas are not even taken in consideration by the people around. A good system let us search for eachothers ideas. The ideas are then systematized according to the principle "inside- outside", referred to and eventually carried out as projects.
  5. That system for joy which is introduced by the questions when?, how? and what? is not perfect. Truthfully, already I myself are capable of finding many weaknesses and inaccuraties within it. It is not easy to rebuild or extend. Yet, there are no priorities made. But it's a good inspiration when going ahead. Presume that every headline in the system is connected to a specific, numerical attribute. Any idea or problem, accountable with help of this system can now be stamped with one priority, based on all passed attributes and an algoritm for baking them together in a value. Eventually, further evaluation can be based on another system beside. Among other things, the time has to be included as some kind of attribute, "visible" for the algorithm. The progressive value obtained is ment as a help when treating all ideas and problems together. Lower indexes can be used for the more precise classification.
  6. The system beginning with when?, how? and what? has much to win by accomplishments in a paralell system, builded for instance upon different modes in feelings and mental states of the human being, leading to proper suggestions for action. From the base, it may be arranged for much broader problems. In this way, people are offered directions for use when facing a system which must necessarily be huge, divergent and probably somewhat complicated.
  7. Do you have visions or ideas concerning specific questions? Then, this should be the right way for you. Of course, it must take some time to start the whole thing, also because a good system is the more remunerative, the more information it can take in, but if the investment is just small enough; then what can be lost? Do you like to getting involved with people and wish that you had the opportunety to do so more often? Then you should be given a chance. If you like intellectual challenges and projects you are also a given participant. Do you dislike the mentality of the city or the way in which commersialism forms people today? It is your opinion that science also should be able to investigate the nature of presence or the connection between soul and body? Do you believe in projects for experience (/perception)? Then join us!
  8. Imagine a curve for improvements and growing with spirital level and joy along the y- axis and time along the x- axis. In this curve, different developments can be pronounced. Some curves rises, but are later falling back again, then as different natures, others curves reaches a more stable level. Some curves is about individuals, others about groups of persons. There is an optimal behave for helpfulness, where operations among not "enlightened" persons outside the group make the influence for a better world. If you are at a low level yourself, it's maybe dangerous to try to make influence on, or help all persons you want to help. Instead, you have to grow some bit first. The point is that all these things can be quantized, mapped and treated with algoritms. Only systematics gives the power to overview all relations.
  9. An important mission for us is to define an area where people are allowed to detect directions by "smells" of more or less of different qualities. A human feels bad. The charlatan tells her that it is because she has not opened up for the truth of higher levels. "I have the cure here. Test it!" To ever express anxiety or sadness is to ask for such advices. Charlatans do not define any area for more or less. They do argue. An argument is always the same, independently of all corresponding continuities and their change. The argument about the greenhouse effect is one and the same independently of which levels of carbondioxide and other gases in air that are encountered. The people of today do test things, but they consider arguments, not balance. How should a individual know that serenity is something good, when he does never get a area upon which its properties are allowed to influence as more or less, dependent of his movements? Only systematics can bring synergism to everyday life and to the correct philosophical ground for existence, both at once.
  10. Today, one talks a lot about intelligence. In a good system, the intelligence is only considered as a tool for creativity the same way as our creativity must be a tool for our moral. A calculator, thus a tool for even higher automatism than the intelligence, is worthless without someone who use it for his calculations. A person who is fast to solve every problem during a IQ- test, but who is unable to do anything unless a test lies in front of him, is surely capable of manage with some specialized tasks, but is unable to configure these tasks in a strive concerning different parts of the society. In reality, also moral is truth moral only if it is somehow configured for a good system. Blind moral is like love without wisdom, like a child who squeezes his/ her guinea pig to death in a single hand hug just because he or she like the animal so much.

Whats it is all about, frankly spoken!

I hope that you are convinced. I hope that a strange thought or association has been brought to arouse. Today, almost nothing is impossible which touches our joy or mental status. The stumbling block use to be our own indolence, exhaustedness or lack of thought. We have to open our eyes for the problems of today, which are big and which causes great harm. Then it is only to set to work.

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