Lets say aha!

How far are we able to reduce the world around us to formulas and repetitions? The picture is taken from:
Which benefit can be drawn from unconventional medicine with feverfew against migraine, pollen pills against hay fever OPC against arteriosclerosis and ginseng, vitamines and minerales for a optimal health? Which mistakes are done when people are exercising their bodies (more or less spontaneous), resting or supplying their digestion health. Is it truth that hypnosis can affect a person to love a stranger? What about the possibilities of meditation?

There are dedicated persons in nearly every area of knowledge or science, but for an individual with good knowledge about human dependence, fields like nutrition, neurology and anatomy, social statistics, the body language and communication must appear to be more "loaded with energy" than other fields. This fields are namely very close to the human being as a primary phenomenon, and all strengthed by the fact that human nature is a bunch of properties which are not probable to be changed from time to time.

Alternative science

If we look upon different directions of knowledge, like ESP (extra sensoric perception), different field influences on the body and the significance of object constellations for our health, one can say that these things are interesting allright. More recent, there has been an increase in the number of unbiased investigators who are trying to make fair judgements about which kind of alternative lines that may be fruitful, and which ones that cannot be.

Imagine that the evolution had endowed some individuals with capabilities of ESP. Wouldn't then the genes of those individuals have been outnumbered all other genes within the "hosting" population? Wouldn't the favour of being able to look into the future, read thoughts or connections in an extra sensoric manner, provide a edge in advantage when it comes to reproduction? Maybe not, especially if it not is a question about everything or nothing. One can declare that there are uncountable investigations those provide statistical evidence for ESP and natural connections between different states of order in our world. But to come over and systematize all these examinations with respect to possible errors in procedures and so on, is really a mission for some dedicated person.

The correct way to proceed would be to search for an broad intruducing algorithm which weighted together certainty in impact (infallibleness) for a phenomenon as well as its importance in a human perspective. We know that the police in several countries has during time taken some help from clairvoyants to find lost people. There are remarkable histories to focus on and examine. The most important condition for a person to believe use to be his or her own insight in the immediate circumstances for an event. Then you know that the entire thing is not depending on several more or less truthful witness with different interests...

Can it be true?

Who has not heard about that culture plants can be made growing faster if they are "entertained" with music by Mozart? I ask myself how it can be possible that plants without nerve systems are able to distinguish between fine tuned qualities in music? Again: A person who have experienced something like this by himself or herself is more likely to believe than persons who have just picked up a rumour.

It's important that you realize that it is feasible to standardize this kind of investigations and arrange for a high credibility with minimized possibilities for fraud. Also, independence of the persons involved use to be a good thing.

Psychology, graphology and manipulation

The human focus of thought is not huge. The human acts as did she look on the world just through a peephole and with a very limited view, and indeed she does. Once you have learned that plants like Mozart this statement may be a difficould one to reconsider, also if new information which points at the opposit direction is brought up later. This is pure psychology.

Talking about psychology one must say it's a good thing that the graphology is now taken seriously. The graphology gives excellent examples of connections between properties that should logically show dependence of eachother. In spite of this the discipline was earlier dismissed as some kind of hocus- pocus. A closer look does in fact expose a couple of inundated and symbolic interpretations which do not place in modern science. Systematics is then the only way to distinguish between its gold and its dirt.

When dealing with systems and efficiency the psychology is maybe to 70% a question about being able to read and judge people. You ask: Whose psychology and who reads people? This is the psychology of an ideal society and the person who reads others is one of many knowers of the human nature with respect to a special area, it's maybe you, maybe me. Effectivity in business prescribes a good placement of all knowers of persons. These knowers are now capable of finding charachters with the new ability to pronounce where things are functioning good and where they are functioning less good. They can count priorities and put their fingers at the points. 30% of the psychologic effeciency emanate from manipulation, this provided that some level of all touched routines or functions are stated as "normal".

In medicine there is placebo. The physician try to enchanse the outcome of his treatment by some well- meant manipulation, aimed to getting his patient to believe in it. Businessmen let the boss put a hand on the shoulder of their employees, telling them that they are the most important asset in the company. The employees are given small comissions to bring over them a feeling of responsibility. Does this "sound" bantering? We have to consider the alternative, to drum into the employees that they are worthless and to regulate every procedure in detail. Maybe some little piece of old fashioned manipulation is not always too bad. Every interaction can also in a way be judged as manipulation.

Chocking facts

Certainly, one is among business people talking about replacing old hierarchic buildings with flat structures, thus about employee participation in decisionmaking, responsibility and competence. Still, in a high levelled civilisation, there will be a need for different people in different positions. The prerequisite to get into a chosen position will always be different for one person, compared with another. If one ask teenagers what kind of future work they would like to become engaged in it turns out that more than 50% pretty well can think of the alternative to become actors or actresses. But who will then work as plumbers, cleaners, ordinary painters farmers and so on?

Let us once and for all declaire that entertainment by actors and actresses are the height of manipulation. It's so to say the king of manipulations among manipulations. As a rational person one must have difficoulties with understanding that 99% of all people find pleasure in watching those so called actors and actresses fool around on the TV- screen. An intermediate citizen does really look up to the celebrity at the screen and consider him or her as an idol, worth to take after when he drinks, kills, makes adultery and does in general behave as a hog, at the screen and in reality as well.

Also the actor is in a way a victim to the system. There have been mega- movie stars those have poured out about the absence of truth love and relationships in their life. One real friendship is worth more than 1000 bought friends, they have said.

The TV is without any doubt the worst poison in our society. It's like a long trip in a car, when you don't want to stop and get out for a breath of fresh air and some movement. When your are for some reason forced to stop and go out you do immediately feel how right it feels. Nobody who has not thrown the TV out of his or her departement knows what a bliss such a step brought on. To really sit down and ponder over an entire system for happiness is big things, but before you sit down it must be compulsory to clean out the house from all TV:s. A person who try to live without abuse in front of the TV is making the same kind of mistake as someone who builds a house of cards outdoors when it storm. This doesn't necessarily mean that non abuse- happiness is fragile, but rather that the TV is a powerful devestator of such happiness..

Important and unimportant

The human is in our society of consumtion often trapped in different sorts of misuses which are then taken over her consciousness in a infavourable way. Objects for abuse can be food, alcoholic beverages, to watch television, sex, internet, games and sport. The right to endorse and get into an abusive style of life is frequently but mistakenly, considered as freedom. The truth is that the abuser is just lead down through a spiral of increasing mental defectiveness, anxiety and lack of freedom. The foundation for ones will is seldomly analyzed. You never ask what your will could have been if you were just allowed to take a step backwards, breath and think the situation through. One more reason for the problems of the citizen is his/ her inclination to connect emotions and abstractions together, for example via emotionally loaded words. Even more important is that the society put up a frame of responsibility and convenance to fill the minds of the individuals with abstractions, and to simultaneously making us forget about the present. The human being is now making associations between phenomena and different identities. She thinks about the errand which should have been managed yesterday, about economy or about politics, so instead of the immediate situation, the smells of the summer, the colors of the sunset and about how it sounds when birds are singing.

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