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I need your help. It's correct. Your help is requested.

Maybe you have to revisit this page a couple of times to really digest the message. There are so many things those means a lot, but which tend to appear as just words in a text anyway. But this is really not only talk or words. So - You decide to give the message a fair chanse and are now right here in you reading. You are a reasonable human being, a individual who is prepared for some sacrifices, a individual who could have been my or any other decent persons friend.

Yes - It is usually a good thing to remain sceptical when people make suggestions about engagements in something new or sticky. The common exemples includes scientology, satanism and also communistic movements under the cloak of democracy. Although also the satanists and the communists are humans with a number of good bases for their initiatives, they are stuck in destructive abstractions and symbols offered by propaganda. But even if you therefore, again, generally have good reasons for keeping yourself sceptic, there are still cases when excessive guardedness is no longer appropriate. This is such a case. Think the things mentioned on this site through and make your decision. And remember that your approbation is necessary to getting anything happen at all.

I know that you may give me your name if the cause is just the right one. But let us skip the murmur. You have already understood that I want you something and you ask what it's about?

Here are some imaginations to make. Visualize that you are outside, under a blue skye when the sun is skining.

  1. You are at a little road where you have been before. The way goes at east in front of you, but you pretend that it's stretches toward the opposit direction, at west. Suddenly, you are incapable to recognize the surroundings.
  2. You run in a smooth movement whith your eyes fixed at a point somewhat to the left. You can see the environment pass by and are astonished by the miracle that is present within your legs and your body. Then, you find yourself in the shape of a free, flying subject without body.
  3. You tilt your head so that your right ear touches your right shoulder. On the right side of your head you are now able to see and feel the earth. On the left side there are space, space, space...
  4. You remind yourself about the fact that experiments with glasses for up side down revertion of what one can see have been done. The individuals tested in the program experienced that this revertion was compensated by the brain over a couple of days. Then everything looked just normal through the glasses. This is the missing link between interpretation by perceptions and interpretation by the brain.
  5. You imagine a single point, 30 cm in front of your chest. This point is totally immovable in space. You think about how it would be to lift your hand and let it rest, hanging over this point.
  6. You let your breath fall and reflect over how relaxed this finit state of your mind and body is. Is this death, or is it life?
  7. You imagine a tone, then one another a step higher at the conventional, tonal scale. You continue higher and higher, asking why there is always a possibility to imagine higher tones?
  8. You are listening to the soughing wind, the voices of singing birds and other natural sounds. After a while, you choose to swap over and listen to your own ears and their "white noise", thus to every frequency generated by your own. There it is! By concentrate on the noise you make it become stronger and more accentuated until you feels entirely empty in your brain.
  9. You know that it's possible to provoke changed states of contiousness by letting one and the same tone be listened to in stereo with a slight displacement in frequens for one of the tones in one ear. What do you want to reach up to?
  10. You close your eyes and imagine a point in the area of sight. You try to remain in this imagination, keeping it up unchanged until this is no longer possible. Then you note how the picture is deformed. Now, you imagine a line which rotates around the centrum of your field of sight. You keep this picture remaining as long as possible and do again observe the way of dissolvation. Soon, you have a entire system of instabilities to use as a base for your idea about the world.


A correct attitude, and a incorrect one

Do not think that these things are not a part of your little world. Do not think that this is obscure, mystical or loaded whith hidden intentions. This is right what it is and nothing else! Look at point10 once again.

What would you like to do to improve the world?

Today, we have a standard of living which is said to be 100 times higher than for 100 years ago. Still, we do not feel 100 times better. Why? Answer: We chose not to feel 100 times better. Eventually, there is one more reason. We lacks in our overwiev. We cant figure out how to get the right tool for detecting bad influences and getting rid of them.

The tool is a system for joy. The system consists of our thoughts and ideas about happiness. Think through what it is that makes your everyday life worse: anxiety, tricky affairs, lonelyness, dissensions, pain. It's possible to systematize the main part of all this and put it to an end. And if you do on the other hand feel quite well yourself, than you might be in the right position to help others with those problems, allright? Then it is your and mine duty to do so.

I know that you feel unconvenient about it. You have so much to do just with your own business. There are so many things those should be done first. Maybe one hundred years later... No! You must understand that also your pressed situation is one part of the picture.

You can be aware that there are solutions to also these problems in major. The solutions are often already present, ready to use. The thing is just that there are special interests and thereby also individuals who want to keep the sheep solutions down and to sell more expensive solutions instead. In the world of commersialism branch folks, the pharmaceutical industry, economic consults, insurance companies, banks and many other do earn big sums because of the mental misary and ignorance of most people. Do you for instance think that internet is treadmill.

The strongest indication for that a human being has problems is if she is sitting in front of the TV. There are no more as serious abuse in the society today as the practice of watching TV. Almost every other abuse is indeed somehow connected to this practice. Probably, I don't need to specify why the TV is so dangerous. Even if you are a inveterate TV watcher yourself, yes; then perhaps even better, you know. If you can't accept anything else stated on this page you do at least have to test living a month without TV and enjoy life. Of course, the best gain from such a step is obtained when combined with some time spent together with other TV liberated souls. This is not the way our society is ment to be. Instead, people do their social life at the working places and their experiences in front of the TV. But you can be confident! There are no bigger threat agains our mental health than the television.

Now comes something important. Read carefully, bacause it's necessary that you so to say are keeping some facts ahead when making up your mind about this project and its gain for you!!!

  1. What you presently apprehend is a "now". Right now this is also by definition what's the focus for your apprehention. Question: Which one of all continous processes in the brain do state this "now"? How can it be that your present time isn't shaped by neural processes, runned out one year ago?
  2. Is it impossible that the brain mainly is responsible for the content within the "now", while the mind (medvetandet) gives rise to the present mode itself?
  3. One knows that parts of the brain, like hippocampus, is of main importance for the human memory. But the complete memory function is remarkably hard to map. There are experiments done with split-brain-patients which show that each half of the brain has a own memory at it's disposal. Normal people are predominated by one half of the brain or another. Therefore, only one single memory function is detectable.
  4. You have probably read about so called near-death experiences during which events people told us that they have experienced the sensation of coming out of their body. They have sometimes been able to float around without body and although their body is unconscious - clinically dead - they are from some new position aware of people around this body trying to resuscitate them and do later eventually even remember distinct facts from their escapades which should have been out of reach for them. All these stories have that in common that pain, weight, and rigidity seem to be strongly reduced properties. The evaluation seems to have been outlined by a singularity, so at least to parts which are not reconnecting to their usual life in their respective body.
  5. In USA there is a computer which is given as a task to produce stocastic number series that are continously analyzed with respect to order. The analyzis gives significance to higher order in these number series during episodes of common focuses among people in general. It certainly appears like synergism in human behave do influence the computer.
  6. Nobody can denie that all natural laws are without ground. They are simply made up as models by experience. There will always be a beyond knowledge in time, in the quantities of expanded and shrinked space (hugeness, smallness), and in the complexity of nature. Things can many times be explained according to interaction, but the world itself can absolutely not be explained.
  7. Hence, there are a couple of channels into the present, drawed from sources of law which without any contest is present beyond all regular laws of nature. In spite of this, the knowledge about regularities and laws has no outer limit. This is why it must be possible to explore and map also unconventional laws (parallellverkan).
  8. All experience says that one kind of property do in general "produce" more of the some property. This is reproduction. If a physical view does weight the content of ones "now", while a more spiritual, mental view does emphasize the presence itself one could expect developments those strengthen tendencies in a given direction also beyond what we know.
  9. When the early samkhya philosophers and the buddhists talked about


I would like to ask you to think about these things for a while. Ask yourself if you would be ready to walk out on the streets and promote information "against the city mentality"?

It would be fine if you wrote down a comment or an idea in the middle frame on this page. If you have difficulties to absorb the information, then bookmark the page and come back later. Hopefully it appears to you in a better way the second or third visit.

If you think that the content of this page can be important, please tell some friends about it. It is only together we are able to perform big numbers.

Do you believe that it's possible to offer every human projects for experience? Do you think one can give the opportunery to:

  1. The great fellowship (gemenskap)
  2. The great serenity
  3. The great strive
  4. The great freedom
  5. The great power
  6. The great act of creation

Yes - Indeed!

The only reason for not having these things in our disposal is our own choise and a bad system. But believe me: It is possible to organize such projects for experience that the world has not yet seen, and without the mistake to presume that whats in the interest of one person in detail also have to be best for another. There are many similarities, but also big differences. The trick is to systematize the similarities, and also the differences.

Four kinds of people is necessary for a progressive organisation.

  1. The dedicated persons
  2. The individuals with knowledge of persons
  3. The creators
  4. The fixers

Six things are indispensable for order:

  1. Clean water
  2. Trash cans (paper baskets)
  3. Space
  4. Chosen tools for organisation
  5. Some knowledge
  6. LIGHT

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